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October 18, 2023

October Update

🖍️ New Interface Design

  • The interface of the app has gotten a design overhaul, check it out below!
  • Your transcripts are now under the page "Files" where all of your uploaded files are stored
  • We've kept it as simple as possible and similar to interface designs of other modern webapps, and more improvements are coming!

🤑 Updated Pricing

  • Prices are now ~40% lower than before
  • Why? -> 3rd party services that we use to run our AI have decreased their prices significantly, effectively lowering our costs. So we pass on these changes to our pricing as well.

New pricing tiers:

  1. $9 for 2 hours of transcripts
  2. $29 for 8 hours of transcripts
  3. $59 for 20 hours of transcripts

🗣️ Improved Speaker Identification

  • We've updated the AI model (the diarization model) that distinguishes the speakers in a recording to a newer version
  • You'll see slightly more accurate transcripts when it comes to speaker identification!

🗂️ Other Updates

  • Now all audio or video file types are supported, including newly supported .mov and .wma
  • File size limit has been increased to 350 mb
  • Recordings can be up to 4 hours long now
  • Upload process time significantly reduced
  • Added support through chat (click the "?" bubble on the bottom right corner)
  • Have a feature request? -> Post them here: https://audiogest.canny.io/feature-requests
  • Many other bug fixes :)
  • Overall performance of page loading time has been improved
August 27, 2023

Summer Update '23

✍️ Improved transcript editor

  • The transcript editor has been updated to make corrections easier
  • It supports audio playback so you can listen to your recording while making changes!
  • Transcript segments are highlighted as they are played
  • Easier to change all speaker labels or individual speaker labels

A few notes on this change:

  • This change means we are now storing uploaded files and they are not automatically deleted anymore after 24 hours. You can still delete the uploaded file on the audio details page. Note that this also deletes the related transcript and digests.
  • This only applies to uploaded files starting today, files uploaded before today were still automatically deleted. A change to our privacy policy has been made to reflect this update.

🗂️ Support for larger files (250mb) + video files

The upload process has also changed:

  • Support for larger file sizes: from 100mb max -> 250mb max
  • Files must be between 30s and 3 hours in duration.
  • Support for both audio and video files
  • Video files are converted to audio files after upload

Want to upload larger or longer files? Contact support with your requirements and we will figure something out!

🚀 Faster transcribing

  • We are now running our AI models on faster servers, meaning transcribing time has improved
  • Expect a 1 hour recording file to be transcribed in just 5 minutes!
May 23, 2023

Download transcripts, more file types supported

Download or copy transcripts

Some of you asked to be able to download transcripts or easily copy them to your clipboard. So here it is! Go to your audios page and you'll notice two new buttons to download your transcript (as a .txt) or copy it toyour clipboard and paste it anywhere you want!

.aac & .ogg file type support

We've added support for the .aac and .ogg audio file types. This means you can now easily transcribe your WhatsApp and Signal voice memo's! 

New pricing

We're introducing a new pricing structure with 3 packages available.
* 150 credits at 19$
* 480 credits at 49$
* 1200 credits at 99$

Credits are still pre-paid and won't expire, still no subscription necessary!
With these pricing changes we are also introducing **40 credits for free at signup**!
These 40 credits are added to your account if you already signed up, so you can try Audiogest today for free 😃

Policy update

Also, we're adding a no-refund policy, since you now get 40 free credits to try it out. Don't worry, if you've made any purchases before this policy update, you're still eligible for a refund of any credits you don't use. If you have any comments or questions regarding this policy change, feel free to contact us.

May 3, 2023

4x Faster transcribing and more transcript options

What we've added since last time:

4x Faster transcribing 🚅

We've upgraded the transcribing model to a more efficient version, enjoy 4x faster transcribing speeds!
We'll keep improving transcribing speed as well as accuracy to deliver the best transcripts.

Ability to edit transcripts ✍️

Many users wanted the ability to edit transcripts, so here it is!
With the ability to edit transcripts you can easily change all speaker lables in one go, or make small corrections to the transcripts. 

Transcript options 💬

Don't need the speaker labels and timestamps? You now have the option to choose a 'Basic' transcript, which is just the transcript without any speaker labels and timestamps. And it's also slightly faster :)