February 1, 2024

Within 5 minutes a transcript and show-notes for your podcast with Audiogest

Discover how Audiogest generates accurate podcast transcripts and show-notes in just 5 minutes.

Are you tired of spending hours creating transcripts and show-notes for your podcast? With the rise of podcasting, efficient production is more important than ever. Fortunately, there's now a solution that allows you to generate a transcript and show-notes for your podcast in just 5 minutes: Audiogest.

Recording a podcast is the first step, but transcribing the recording can be time-consuming. With Audiogest, you can easily upload your recording file and generate an accurate transcript within minutes.

Show-notes provide listeners with a summary and overview of what is discussed in the podcast. With Audiogest, you can also automatically generate show-notes using AI, saving you even more time and offering your listeners a convenient summary.

Read on to discover how Audiogest can help you generate a transcript and show-notes for your podcast in just 5 minutes, allowing you to spend more time creating great content.

Recording Your Podcast

When you're about to record a podcast, good preparation is essential. Here is a brief guide to successfully recording your podcast.

Optimal Recording Conditions:

  • Soundproof Room: Start with a quiet environment. Use soundproofing materials to reduce echoes and noise. This ensures a clear recording.
  • Equipment: Make sure your microphone and recording equipment are in top condition. A good podcast recording depends on well-functioning equipment.
  • Settings: Ensure levels, gains, and filters are properly set before hitting 'record'.

Call to Action:

  • Conclude your episode with a strong call to action. This encourages listeners to engage or take follow-up actions.

By following these tips, you're guaranteed a smooth recording session, which contributes to the quality of your podcast episode. Good luck with recording!



Soundproof room

Reduce noise

Check equipment

Prevent malfunctions

Correct settings

Ensure sound quality

Strong call to action

Engage your audience

This lays the foundation for a professional podcast that scores well on podcast platforms and with your audience thanks to these considerations.

Automatically Transcribing Your Podcast

Producing a podcast goes beyond just recording episodes; it involves processing and sharing your content with as wide an audience as possible. A key part of this is automatically transcribing your podcast episodes. This is not only time-saving but also makes your podcasts more accessible to a broader audience, including the deaf, hard of hearing, and those less familiar with the language of your podcast. This way, you can easily reach the most people.

With automatic transcription services, you can quickly obtain a written version of your audio, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your production, such as editing or marketing. The artificial intelligence of these services offers high accuracy and can automatically detect the language and number of speakers.

Upload Recording File

To automatically transcribe your podcast episode, you start by creating an account on Audiogest. After registration, you simply select 'upload file' and choose the desired recording file from your computer. This file can be up to 4 hours long and must not exceed the size of 350MB. Remember that the first 40 minutes are transcribed for free, which is an excellent opportunity to try the service without costs.

Generate Transcript

After uploading your recording file, you only need to select the desired language, or let the automatic detection do its work. Then, specify the number of speakers or let the service determine this as well. In the 'Vocabulary' field, you can add names, abbreviations, and loanwords that you want to be recognized to increase accuracy. Click on 'generate transcript' afterwards, and the service will get to work for you. With the promise of quick turnaround times, you will soon receive the results of the high quality that you can expect from modern online transcription services.

By using automatic transcription services, you can have a transcript of your podcast within minutes, contributing to its value and reach on podcast platforms such as Podimo. This way, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence for your podcast and ensure that your podcast is well received by a diverse and wide audience group.

Generating Show-notes or Summaries with AI

With a detailed transcript of your podcast, the door is now wide open to go a step further: generating show-notes and summaries. These can be created quickly and effortlessly with the help of Audiogest's advanced artificial intelligence.

Why Show-notes?

Show-notes are an indispensable element for every podcast episode. They not only provide a handy summary for the listener but are also a powerful tool to stimulate additional engagement. Here are some reasons why show-notes are so valuable:

  1. Convince Hesitant Listeners: With a clear summary, potential listeners can quickly determine if the episode is of interest to them.
  2. Promote Website Visits: By incorporating links, listeners are invited to discover more on your website or engage with additional content.
  3. Generate Revenue: Show-notes can attract sponsors and serve as the basis for developing revenue models.
  4. Enrich the Listening Experience: Direct references to show-notes during the episode make the podcast more interactive and informative.
  5. Create a Reference Work: For listeners who want to look up details, show-notes are a practical tool.

Automatically Generate Show-notes with AI

With just one click on the 'generate summary' button, you get a concise and clear representation of the key points from your podcast episode. For a more tailored approach, you can give Audiogest a specific prompt, making the generated show-notes even more closely aligned with the needs of your listening audience.

Audiogest's software uses the latest version of artificial intelligence, including technologies like ChatGPT, to generate show-notes and summaries that not only hit the core of each episode but also engage your listeners. This AI-driven method ensures quick turnaround times and delivers high-quality results. Within minutes, you receive a professionally looking overview ready for publication on podcast platforms and social media, drawing the attention your podcast deserves.


Automatically transcribing your podcast recordings is an essential strategy to further enrich your content and reach a wider audience. By leveraging advanced transcription services like Audiogest, podcasters can enjoy the convenience of quick conversions from their podcast recordings to text, with the highest accuracy. This not only improves the accessibility of podcasts for people with hearing impairments or those not familiar with the language of the recording but also increases the potential for distribution across various podcast platforms.

Integrating transcription into the podcast production process is a great way to enhance the value of each episode. It allows listeners to consume the content in various formats and makes it easier to find specific information. Moreover, by creating detailed show-notes and summaries from these transcripts, podcasters can offer their listeners an additional layer of engagement and value, while simultaneously increasing the visibility of their content on podcast platforms and social media.

This approach, powered by the latest developments in artificial intelligence, not only offers the highest accuracy in transcription but also enables podcasters to focus on what they do best: creating engaging and valuable content for their audience. By harnessing the power of AI, the process of transcribing and generating show-notes is significantly simplified, allowing podcasters to quickly and efficiently enrich and spread their content across various platforms.

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