October 10, 2023

Automatic transcribing for journalists

Journalists, streamline your workflow with automatic transcription services. Say goodbye to tedious manual transcribing and focus on what matters most: your stories.

The Problem of Manual Transcription

Manually transcribing conversations and interviews remains a costly and time-consuming process. This is also a challenge for journalists who conduct many interviews. Fortunately, there are solutions to the problem of manual transcription.

It Takes a Lot of Time

That's it. It just takes an incredible amount of time to manually transcribe an interview, conversation, or meeting. On average, it takes 4 times longer than the recording itself. So, an hour-long recording can quickly take at least half a workday to transcribe. Manual transcription is time-consuming; there has to be a better way!

You Make Mistakes in Transcriptions

You are also prone to making mistakes, such as simple typos. Or you take a break and resume transcribing at the wrong spot in the recording. As a result, you suddenly forget a whole section in your transcript and may miss crucial information.

Automated Transcription Service as a Solution for Journalists

Luckily, there are increasingly better solutions to this problem: an automated transcription service. These services automatically transcribe your recording, allowing you to move on to processing your interviews more quickly.

Processing Interviews with Artificial Intelligence

New developments in the field of artificial intelligence have brought tools like ChatGPT. But new speech-to-text algorithms and models have also been developed. Therefore, it has now become even easier to process interviews with artificial intelligence. The accuracy and quality of the transcripts have improved significantly, and generating summaries is now super easy. Now is the time to switch to an automated transcription service for accurate transcription!

Why Choose Audiogest for Automatic Transcription?

Quality of Transcripts

Audiogest uses the latest artificial intelligence models and algorithms to generate the most accurate transcripts among all transcription services. This means you only have to make minimal corrections after generating your transcript. Audiogest generates a verbatim transcript, meaning it is given word for word.

Pricing and Speed

With Audiogest, you don't need to subscribe to generate a transcript. You pay in advance for a certain number of minutes of transcripts. You also receive 40 minutes of free transcription when creating a new account. So, you can try it out before spending any money. Audiogest offers reasonable prices and is often cheaper than alternatives.

Suitable for Interviews

Audiogest is specially designed with journalists and professionals who frequently conduct interviews in mind. Using the latest diarization technology, Audiogest can distinguish who is speaking in a conversation. This is a crucial feature that helps make interview transcripts clear and understandable.

Generate Summaries

In addition to providing high-quality transcripts, Audiogest goes a step further by automatically generating useful summaries. Thanks to the integration with ChatGPT, you can now get a useful, concise summary of your interview with a single click. This way, you not only save time on transcribing but also on analyzing your interviews.

How to Generate Transcripts with Audiogest?

Upload Your Recording File

The process is simple and intuitive. Go to the Audiogest website and log into your account or create a new one. Here, you can upload your recording file and generate a transcript. The entire recording is transcribed in one go.

Generate Automatic Transcription

After selecting the file, click on the 'Generate Transcription' button. You don't need to specify the language of the recording; it is automatically recognized. Audiogest will now process your audio, and within a few minutes, you'll receive a transcript. Correct any errors or grammatical mistakes in the editor and then generate a summary by clicking on the 'Generate Digest' button. This will be neatly created in the original language of the original recording.

In this way, artificial intelligence and Audiogest help you as a journalist to accelerate your workflow!

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