October 10, 2023

Finding the Right Transcription Service: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing a transcription service doesn't have to be complicated. This short guide outlines the process and provides you with the information you need to make a confident choice.

Finding the right transcription service can be confusing. Here's a short and concise guide to help you make the right choice.

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting audio and video recordings of conversations into written text. The aim is to create an accurate record of what is being said in these recordings. This can be manually done by a professional transcriber (someone who types out precise transcripts), who listens carefully to the recordings and types them out. It can also be automated using speech recognition technology, a form of artificial intelligence.

Manual Transcription by humans

You can choose to have your transcription done manually. This is done either by yourself or through a professional transcription service. You submit your audio or video file, and they will type out a transcript for you.

  • The advantages of manual transcription are that your transcript is very accurate.
  • Disadvantages include it being much more expensive than an automated transcription service.
  • You'll also have to wait much longer for your transcript to be ready, sometimes up to a few days or weeks!

Automated Transcription with AI

Automated transcription is carried out by Artificial Intelligence, using speech recognition algorithms and models. These are now very accurate and closely approach the quality of a manual transcription, making it an excellent way to have your conversations transcribed.

  • Automated transcription is much faster and cheaper than manual transcription services.
  • Any errors in the transcript can usually be easily edited in an online editor.

Why Use an Automated Transcription Service?

1. High Quality and Accurate Transcripts

Using an automated transcription service can produce a high-quality and accurate transcript of audio or video recordings. Some automated transcription services utilize AI to accurately transcribe audio files, using speech recognition technology that is more precise than manual transcription. Automated transcription services can often also handle multiple audio formats and languages, making them a comprehensive and reliable option for creating transcripts.

2. Save Time

Automation means less manual work and faster results. This allows you to quickly get back to processing your interview, meeting, or conversation.

When choosing a transcription service, consider the turnaround time. Make sure you know how long it will take to get your transcript back so you can plan accordingly. Some services offer same-day, next-day, or even real-time transcription, saving you time and delivering fast results.

3. Cost-Efficient

Automation reduces both time and costs, giving you more value for your money. Automated services are often cheaper and faster, allowing you to save a lot.

How to Choose the Best Transcription Software?

1. Quality

Opt for high accuracy and good speaker identification. Test a service first to see if it provides high-quality transcripts. And check if, for instance, the number of speakers are correctly identified or if you can input this yourself.

2. Editor

Check if there is an option to easily edit the transcript using an editor. This can further improve and speed up the transcription process. Choose a service with a user-friendly interface so you can quickly correct errors.

3. Price

The pricing and pricing models can vary greatly between different services. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Prepaid: You pay for a fixed number of minutes and are not tied to a subscription.
  2. Subscription: A fixed amount for a monthly quota of minutes.
  3. Pay Per Minute: Flexible and only pay for the minutes you use. You usually pay afterwards and only for the number of audio minutes you use.

Automated Transcription Software

There are numerous automated transcription apps available. Therefore, we have listed a few services here:

  1. Audiogest: A new app that generates the most accurate transcripts at the moment. Extremely accurate in languages other than English, such as Dutch, German, Flemish, and French. You pay prepaid, so you don't need to subscribe. Audiogest also offers an intuitive editor.
  2. Amberscript offers various solutions based on your needs. If you want a fast and affordable transcription service, even if it's not perfect, Amberscript has one of the fastest turnaround times online.


Automated transcription software apps offer varying options for price, quality, and ease of use. Know your needs and budget to make the right choice!

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