October 31, 2023

Non-English Speech to Text – The Best Transcription software in 2023 | Audiogest

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What is Non-English Language Speech-to-Text?

Audiogest is the software solution for Non-English language speech-to-text transcription. As the best in its class in 2023, this article aims to provide deeper insight into the unique features and benefits of our software.

Explaining Speech-to-Text (Transcription)

Speech-to-text, also known as transcription, is the process of converting spoken words into written text. Utilizing computer speech recognition, this technology allows for quick and efficient generation of written content. It is not only useful for professionals, like journalists and lawyers, but also for anyone in need of quick and easy transcriptions.

Manual vs Automatic Speech-to-Text

The world of transcription essentially has two approaches: manual transcription and automatic transcription. Manual transcription means that a person physically plays the audio and types the spoken words. This can be time-consuming and costly. On the other hand, automatic transcription uses software algorithms to convert spoken words into text, which is much faster and cost-effective. Both methods have their own pros and cons, but automatic transcription is gaining more ground due to technological advancements.

Benefits of Non-English Language Speech-to-Text

Now that we've laid the groundwork, let's look at the specific benefits of using Non-English language speech-to-text technology, and why Audiogest is the best choice for your transcription needs.

Accuracy of Results

Non-English Language Speech-to-Text software can provide surprisingly accurate results, thanks to the advanced algorithms they use. Audiogest, for example, offers a high accuracy rate of 100%, making it one of the most reliable options on the market. Audiogest also excels in accurate transcriptions in Non-English languages. This maximum accuracy is achieved through the use of complex algorithms and machine learning models that are continuously improved.

Wide Range of Languages

What makes Non-English language speech-to-text software unique is the large number of languages supported. Besides Non-English languages, Audiogest can generate transcriptions in multiple languages, making it an ideal choice for international businesses or individuals who need to work in multiple languages. The versatility in language support makes Audiogest a popular transcription software for a diverse and international market.

Online Text Editor

Audiogest is not just a transcription service; it also offers an online text editor that allows users to further edit and refine their transcriptions. This feature enables users to correct minor errors, rearrange paragraphs, and even improve the readability of the text. The online text editor is a one-stop-shop for all the edits you need to elevate your transcriptions to a higher level. The features and benefits range from simple text editing to advanced capabilities for editing transcriptions, making it a versatile and useful tool.

Easy Summarization with AI

Where Audiogest truly shines is in the use of AI to make life easier. Our software simplifies the generation of summaries by automatically identifying key points in a transcription. With a few clicks, you can get an accurate summary of your transcriptions, which not only ensures high accuracy but also significant time-saving. Our advanced AI technology is capable of quickly grasping the essence of long conversations or lectures and summarizing the key points, leaving you more time for other important tasks.

Why is Audiogest the Best Choice for Transcription Software in 2023?

In a market filled with various transcription solutions, Audiogest sets itself apart with a range of exceptional features and benefits. What particularly sets us apart are the accurate results we provide, especially for Non-English transcriptions. Our online text editor enhances the user experience by allowing them to customize transcriptions as per their liking. With a wide range of languages and great features for human transcribers, Audiogest is undoubtedly the best choice for transcription software in 2023.

Quality Assurance with Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

Quality is a high priority for us, and this is ensured through the advanced natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies we use. These technologies enable us to automatically transcribe speech with a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, transcriptions can be further improved with the input of human transcribers. All this, combined with our online text editor, provides unparalleled quality.

Wide Range of Supported Languages, Including Non-English Languages

Audiogest supports a wide range of languages, including non-English languages, making us perfect for users from non-English-speaking countries. Our software is not only efficient but also highly relevant for local users who require transcriptions in their own language.

Comparison of Audiogest with Other Transcription Software

It's always useful to consider various options before making a choice for transcription software. Below you'll find a table that compares the key features of Audiogest with two other popular providers: Amberscript and Otter.ai.

Feature Audiogest Amberscript Otter.ai
Automatic transcription Yes Yes Yes
Speed Within 5 minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Speaker labels Yes Yes Yes
Online editor Yes Yes Yes
Language support 99 39 1 (English)
Accuracy Up to 100% Up to 85% 85% - 90%
AI Summaries Yes No No
Cost From 0.05$/min From 0.17$/min From 0.02$/min (monthly subscription only)


Choosing the right transcription software for your needs is crucial. We hope this article has given you all the insights you need to make an informed choice. Audiogest offers exceptional quality and value, making it a top choice for non-English transcription in 2023.

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